Urban planning

Planning for inclusive and sustainable communities.

I’m incredibly interested in how we can plan and create inclusive and sustainable places in which to live, work and play. Some of my key interests include how to involve communities in planning decisions, the need for planning to embrace digital technology, how we can push for better quality housing, the role of deregulation in our planning system, the conservation of our historic environment and much more. I’ve been involved in a range of projects exploring these topics and have taught undergraduate planning students subjects such as development management and digital civics.

Past Projects

Heritage Skills at St James

Taking part in the Heritage Skills in Education programme, along with other students, I produced a Conservation Statement for a historic church. The statement considered the setting, stakeholders and use, as well as the condition and the evidential, historical, aesthetic and communal significance to create a plan to conserve the building.

Engineering Research Station

I co-produced a Conservation Statement for the Grade II* listed ERS in Killingworth. My role was to conduct archival research, site visits, and to meet with owners to assess the heritage significance of the building. The research focused on the architecture as well as the use of the building and made recommendations for its future protection.

Townscape Heritage Iniatives

I supported the development of a £1.9 million THI bid, including project managing the compilation of the bid and producing activity plans. In addition, I supported the delivery of 3 different THI’s through the design and production of newsletters, a conservation area walking guide, and the delivery of engagement activities.

RTPI Talks 2019

I delivered two presentations for RTPI North East events. The first considered neighbourhood planning and the need for civic tech for the ‘Neighbourhood Planning and Development’ event, and the second considered the representativeness and effectiveness of engagement in planning for the ‘Consultation for the Nation’ event.

Coatsworth Character Appraisal

I produced a Conservation Area Character Appraisal through archival research and site visits. I produced maps and plans to show the development over time, including highlighting historic pathways that remain today. The appraisal considered the architecture as well as the social history and provided design guidance for future.

Tynemouth Management Plan

I worked with the local community to begin the process of producing a Conservation Area Management Plan. Building on previous community-led work, I supported citizens in managing the project, gathering information and support them in developing their planning skills to be able to produce a heritage document to protect their neighbourhood.